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Hi There!

Ashley is an actress, writer and VO artist.  As a recent graduate of The Hartt School with  BFA in acting, Ashley is on the search for more,  From a young age, she has striven for freedom in being authentically herself. As a performer, her wish is be a mirror, to allow audiences to see themselves in  her.  She approaches her craft with a full embrace  of the, weird, silly, dark, and embarrassing truths of her own humanity. With an extensive training in on-camera acting, her latest adventure  finds her releasing the goofy goblin of comedy within her as the lead, Madison, in The Mask Gone Viral. With a multifaceted personality and a gift in stage performance, This fun comedy is echoed by  the exploration of emotional tragedy as Juliet in Woodshill's Romeo & Juliet. Ashley has been classically trained at the Drama Studio London, and is an EMC candidate whose credits include the U/S for Sally Applewhite (Mary Hatch) in It's A Wonderful Life (Hartford Stage),  Mrs. Tilford in The  Children's Hour (Hartford Stage), and the challenging role of Clare Devoto in  Tennessee Williams' The Two Character Play (Unity Hall). Ashley is a New York based actor with a valid U.S passport.

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